Homeroom Socials

The following fun crafts, games and snacks have been contributed by Vernfield parents for use during homeroom socials throughout the year. All recipes and craft/game directions can be printed for your use. As in all classroom party planning, please consult the classroom teacher to make sure that any special needs of students (allergies, etc.) are taken into consideration. If you are interested in submitting new ideas for use at Vernfield parties, please contact the Homeroom Socials Coordinators or contact us at [email protected].

Fall Social
Crafts Blackboard Pumpkins (PDF)
Brownbag Scarecrow (PDF)
CandleEyebra (PDF)
Ghostwriter (PDF)
Homemade Slime (PDF)
Leaf Luminary (PDF)
Paper Pumpkin (PDF)
Pumpkin Bottle Craft (PDF)
Pumpkin Roll Craft (PDF)
Pumpkin Shirt (PDF)
Pumpkin Sock Craft (PDF)
Snacks Acorn Treats (PDF)
Autumn Acorn Treats (PDF)
Apple Bites (PDF)
Monster Fingers (PDF)
Slime Filled Cupcakes (PDF) 
Sweet Scarecrows (PDF)
Games Guess the Ghoul and Candy Corn Relay (PDF)
Mr.Bones Relay Race (PDF)
Pumpkin Bocce and Pumpkin Coin Toss (PDF) 
Spider Web Game (PDF)
Winter Social
Crafts Button Bookmarks (PDF)
Pine Cone Craft (PDF)
Snowman Snow Measuring Sticks (PDF)
Snowman Popsicle Magnet (PDF)
Snowman Sock (PDF)
Wood Scrap Snowman (PDF)
Snacks Snowman Donut Snack (PDF) 
Rice Krispie Presents (PDF)
Games Freeze Dance (PDF)
Holiday Pictionary Game (PDF)
Marshmallow Snowball Toss (PDF)
Musical Holiday Present Game (PDF)
Penguin Shuffle (PDF)
Shoe Box Relay Race (PDF)
Snowball Cotton Ball Relay (PDF)
Snowball Making (PDF)
Stocking Scramble (PDF)
Valentine's Social
Crafts Decoupage Votive Holders (PDF)
Love Bug (PDF)
Love Potion (PDF)
Photo Cube (PDF)
Photo Plate (PDF)
Love Bug Thumb Print Card (PDF)
Snacks Heart Shaped Soft Pretzels (PDF)
Jello Jigglers (PDF)
Watermelon Hearts (PDF)
Games Find Your Other Half (PDF)
My Favorite Things (PDF)
Musical Hearts (PDF)
Valentine Relay (PDF)
Word Race (PDF)