There are many ways to get involved in Home & School!  See below for:

If you think you would like to volunteer for a committee or have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

  • Homeroom Coordinator
    Lead the planning for three classroom socials: Fall, Winter, and Valentine’s Day.
  • Homeroom Parent
    Plan, attend, and/or contribute items for three classroom socials: Fall, Winter, and Valentine’s Day.
  • Library Helpers
    Mrs. Lightstone is looking for help with re-shelving library books on an on-going basis.

Family Communication and Support Volunteer Opportunities
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These opportunities are ongoing throughout the school year.

  • Directory
    A school directory of all interested families will be distributed to families in the fall. Data is updated yearly. Volunteers are needed to proofread the spreadsheets created from family input forms.
  • Yearbook
    Photographers are needed throughout the year to take photos of school and HSA events! Volunteers take and collect photos of school and classroom events, help with picture choices, and design the layout of a yearbook for the students. Assistance with ordering is needed in February. No experience is necessary.

Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteers are needed to assist with organizing and supporting various fundraising projects throughout the year. Some jobs take place during the school day, but others may require some after school and/or evening hours. These are important events for the Home and School which help to fund the yearly Home and School budget as well as additional goals determined by the HSA and the principal.

  • Kids Stuff Books – September
    Kid Stuff books contain coupons for area retailers, restaurants and activities. Volunteers are needed to help with book distribution and to collect books and fundraising money returned by families.
  • Main Fundraiser - Spring
    We run one large fundraiser each year to fund most of the events and activities for the following year.  In the past, this fundraiser has been Race for Education and Read-A-Thon.  Volunteers are needed to help organize and to run the event itself.

School Support Volunteer Opportunities
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  • Hospitality
    The Hospitality Committee helps the Home and School community show our appreciation to the teachers and staff throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to donate homemade/store bought treats and to help with event set up/clean up. Past events included a “Welcome Back to School” breakfast, a dinner during November parent/teacher conferences, daily treats during Teacher Appreciation Week and an end of year luncheon. The committee chair will contact the volunteers with requests prior to each event.


Student Activities
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Volunteers are needed to help plan, organize, and run student events held during the school day throughout the year.

  • Book Fair Volunteers
    Volunteers will help to staff the fall and spring book fairs that take place under the leadership of Mrs. Meryl Lightstone, Vernfield Librarian.
  • Sundae Bar and Holiday Luncheon
    Sundae Bar is a food service program that is offered four times throughout the
    school year. On these days students create their own sundaes during lunchtime. Sundae Bar is included with the purchase of lunch on that day or it can be purchased a la carte at a cost of $1.65 per student for those who don’t choose to buy lunch.  On Sundae Bar days, (6) volunteers are needed from 10:45am to 1:15pm to help set up, serve the ice cream & toppings and clean-up.

    The holiday Luncheon is in December of each school year and requires (8) to (10) volunteers.  Volunteers are needed from 10:45am to 1:00pm to put tablecloths and centerpieces on the tables and to dispose of trash and clear trays for the students.
  • Holiday Shop - December
    The Holiday Shop provides an opportunity for students to shop for their families at school. Volunteers are needed to help organize the items for sale and help the children with the purchasing process.
  • Earth Day - April
    This spring event is a celebration of Earth Day for the students during the school day. Volunteers are needed to help plan the activities and to help run the activities on the day of the event. Activities include exploring and learning about nature and our environment using Vernfield's fabulous nature trail and school garden!
  • 5th Grade Picnic (5th grade parents only) - May
    This end of year event is a celebration for our 5th grade students who are finishing their last year at Vernfield. The picnic takes place during the school day on one of the last days of the school year. A 5th grade parent planning committee is responsible for choosing a theme, planning the food and activities, and recruiting volunteers for the day of the event. Volunteers are needed on the day of the event to help serve food and lead activities.

Student/Family Events
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Volunteers are needed to help plan, organize, and run family events held throughout the year.

  • Back to School Bash - September
    A ‘welcome back’ and ‘welcome to Vernfield’ party for all students and their families. 
  • Science Rocks (Grades 3-5) - October
    This event will promote the fun and excitement of science for our middle grade students. Students will rotate through stations to experiment with activities related to physics, chemistry and engineering. Volunteers are needed to help work on the planning committee, and to set up/clean up, act as group leaders, take photos, and monitor small experiments in the pods on event night. No science experience necessary!
  • Family Fun Night - January
    This is a fun, post-holiday, beat-the-winter-blues event for students and their families. Volunteers are needed to help plan and organize the activities as well as to help during the event.
  • Prime Time Reading (Grades K-2) - February
    This event promotes the joy of reading for our youngest students and their parents. Volunteers are needed to help plan the theme of the night and activities, to set up/clean up, to be group leaders for the evening, to take photographs and to help teachers lead the various activities.
  • Lip Sync - March
    This is a great night for the kids to shine! The event will be held an evening in March at Indian Crest Middle School on the big stage. Students get together with friends to perform a lip sync routine to music. Music selection will be approved prior by the Committee and the event will be hosted by a DJ. Even the faculty gets involved with surprise routines of their own!
    Many types of volunteers are needed to help the night run smoothly:
    • 5th Grade Parents - will organize a 5thgrade lip sync routine for the final act of the night.
    • Check-In Table - volunteers will check in student performers and props before the show.
    • Photographers - will take pictures of the acts before the show for the yearbook.
    • Prop Helpers - will assist backstage taking props on/off the stage during the show.
    • Row Parents - will sit with a row of performers during the show. The Committee tries to match you with your child’s row.
    • Runners - will be available before and during the show to assist performers.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
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  • Photography
    Photographs of students are featured around the school building, on the Vernfield webpage and in the yearbook. Volunteers are needed photograph events that take place during the school day or at evening events, and then submit photographs to the chairperson. Volunteers will be contacted monthly for photography opportunities. Volunteers must own a digital camera (not a smart phone camera).