About Us

The mission of the Home and School Association is to promote communication, collaboration, and community building between families and the school, and to enhance the educational environment and opportunities for the Vernfield students, faculty and staff.

Vernfield Home and School Structure
Home and School is made up of four or five elected officers (parent volunteers), one or two faculty representatives, the building principal and Home and School members. Among the members are the committee chairs and co-chairs. Volunteers for the committees and activities sign up through the Hands across the District volunteer forms.

All participation in Home and School is voluntary in nature. There is no annual fee to participate in Vernfield's Home and School. Meetings are open to the entire school community.

By-laws (PDF)

The IRS recognizes the Vernfield Home and School Association as a publicly supported, charitable organization. Being a "publicly supported" organization means that the Association's funding comes from contributions made by the general public, not by business activities. Specifically, the Home and School Association organizes a variety of fundraising endeavors and relies upon the members of the Vernfield community to participate in, contribute to and support the Association's efforts to raise money.

To be recognized by the IRS as a "charitable organization" means that the Home and School Association is organized and operated for purposes that are beneficial to the public interest. In other words, the Home and School Association is not a profit-making organization. All the money we raise goes back to the Vernfield Elementary community via activity and publication costs, assemblies, for school supplies for students and teachers, playground equipment and to assist in field trip costs for each student.