Visitors to the School

Building security is a prime concern in today’s world. In order to maximize child safety, it will be necessary for all volunteers, parents and visitors to sign in at the office immediately upon entering the building and receive a designated badge. Identification will be required along with name, date, and your reason for being in the building.

Safe School Procedures — All exterior school doors are locked all the time. All visitors, volunteers, and parents must enter through the main entrance during the day. We have a security system and visitors must ring the doorbell to gain entry. Additionally, everyone must stop in the school office to sign-in and receive a “Visitors” badge when entering the building. When leaving the school, visitors should sign-out in the office.

The safety of our children is our primary concern.

If you are dropping off items such as forgotten lunch money, musical instruments, etc., please bring them to the office. We will see that they get to the proper classroom. Your cooperation will help us limit the number of interruptions during teaching time.

If you are there to pick up a student early for an appointment, etc. the child will be sent to the office. Do not go directly to the classrooms.Teachers are instructed to ask if you have signed in, and they will not release children unless this procedure is followed.

Exceptions to this procedure are regularly scheduled parent/teacher conference days. On those days it will not be necessary for you to sign in. You may proceed directly to your child’s classroom.

Parents may visit classrooms with prior approval. Please contact the office. Special days during the school year are also set aside for visiting.