Student Council

Student CouncilStudent council at Vernfield Elementary School is a representative group of students, elected by their peers, from the third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Each class has two representatives who attend 8:00a.m., monthly meetings, beginning at the end of September. At the meetings students discuss and vote on school Spirit Days and Service Projects. Teacher advisors facilitate the program.

Monthly meetings offer a time for new ideas to be shared and discussed. To include the entire school population of K-5, each third, fourth and fifth grade representative is assigned a kindergarten, first or second grade classroom to visit. Information from the monthly meeting is shared and the younger students are encouraged to share their ideas for Spirit Days and Service Projects.

The Student Council has participated in a wide variety of service projects throughout the past two years. Some of these projects included: Unicef change collection, IVOC Food Pantry canned goods collection, Adopt a Family through the Pottstown Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital DVD and video tape collection, Tsunami Relief, and Courageous Hearts Lollipop sales.

Through this experience students learn the workings of a representative democracy and the importance of being of service to others.