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StudentFirst in Math
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First in Math is offered to all third grade students regardless of their mathematical ability. Funded by a one year grant from SAEF, the students received a one year membership and two additional laptops for the third grade. Students are provided with a membership card and passcode to a math Web site. This membership allows them to access the game from any Internet connection site. Based on the 24 Game, students practice math facts and operations at their individual level. They earn electronic stickers, which are reported individually and as a team. Students compete to be in the Top Five or Player of the Day.


Just Say No
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The Just Say No club at the elementary level is offered to intermediate elementary students. During their time together the students memorize pledges, participate in activities (such as service projects), and view programs to enhance their excitement about life. The underlying message is "JUST SAY NO" to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

"3 Steps to Say No"

  1. Figure out if what your friend wants is O.K.
  2. If it's wrong, say No.
  3. Suggest other things to do instead.

"Just Say No" Pledge

I pledge to lead a drug-free life.
I want to be healthy and happy.
I will say No to alcohol.
I will say No to tobacco.
I will say No to illegal drugs.
I will help my friends say No.
I pledge to stand up for what I know is right.

~ 1989 "Just Say No" International


Math Olympiads Club
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This club meets most Wednesdays after school from October thru March. We call this club Math O.K., which stands for Math Olympiad Kids. Fourth and fifth grade students who are invited to join this club must have an enthusiasm and talent for mathematics. Students will practice many problem-solving strategies to solve a variety of very challenging problems. We work on important mathematical concepts through the sharing of individual creativity and ingenuity, and direct instruction. This national program has five monthly contests, and provides top achievers with pins and trophies at the end of the program in March.

Planet KeepersPlanet Keepers
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Vernfield's fifth grade students are members of a club called "Planet Keepers". They participate in ongoing activities that take place during the school year. Under the title of Planet Keepers, students participate in activities such as a "Trash to Treasure" recycling project, reading and discussing environmental literature, visiting the Philadelphia Zoo to learn about endangered animals, researching current environmental issues, and fundraising for local environmental causes. In past years Planet Keepers have collected shoes to donate to a variety of organizations such as Soles for Souls and even raised money by making bracelets to support local animal shelters.

Reading Olympics Club
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Vernfield 4th and 5th graders participate in the Montgomery County Reading Olympics competition. The Reading Olympics program encourages students of all reading levels to share the excitement of reading books with their friends and culminates in a competition between districts. Beginning in November, students meet with a team before or after school to discuss books they have read from a selected list of 45 books. Students develop team camaraderie as they develop a team name, and encourage each other to meet team-reading goals. We hold a mock competition at Vernfield in which teams compete to answer questions about the books they have read throughout the year. Teamwork is emphasized. We then meet with teams from other Montgomery County school districts. Ribbons are awarded to all teams based upon the total number of correct answers the team supplied during three rounds of questioning. This collaborative celebration of reading will tentatively take place on the evening of April 26th at Indian Valley Middle School.