Health Issues

Administration of Medication
We realize that it may be necessary for a student to take medication prescribed by the family physician during the school day. In this event, we ask that the procedure outlined below is followed:

All medications, prescription or non-prescription, that are to be dispensed during school hours must be accompanied by a written authorization (Form #13) signed by the doctor and parent/guardian and brought to the nurse’s office or other designated place where the medication will be secured by a responsible person.

Controlled medication must be accompanied by a written doctor’s order and parent permission specifically stating medication may be administered at school.

Medications must be in the original container if OTC, or in a properly labeled prescription container (with name of drug, dosage, route of administration, and time interval of dose).  Prescriptions must include the student’s name, and name of the prescribing licensed health care provider.

On occasion, physicians prescribe that a student should keep an asthma inhaler or epi pen with him or her at all times. This is an approved practice, so long as the school nurse is aware of the prescription and the child reports each use to a teacher or the school nurse.

Under no circumstances will a child be permitted to bring cold pills, aspirin, penicillin, etc. to school or take such medication at school without the above directives completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents should notify their school nurse if their child is taking a prescribed medication so that the school can monitor any potential side effects of the medication.