Nutrition Standards

Parties and Celebrations (at elementary and secondary levels):

  • Parties and celebrations should occur after the last lunch period.
  • No more than one (1) item that doesn’t meet the standards should be offered.
  • All beverages should be 100% juice, milk, or water.
  • Encourage parents to select healthy foods.
  • Teachers maintain supervision over all food in their classroom.


  • Encourage a balance of food and non-food based fundraisers.
  • Student-run fundraisers that sell food products intended to be consumed during the school day must comply with the district nutritional standards.

After-school programs:

Any foods served at after-school programs and activities involving students should follow the district nutritional standards. Food provided free as refreshments for concerts, picnics, teacher/administration appreciation luncheons or breakfast, etc. is not subject to district nutrition standards. Healthy food choices are highly recommended to increase the role modeling efforts of the SASD.