Hands Across the District

Volunteerism in the Souderton Area School District is not a new concept. The school district is calling upon the entire community to become part of a formal school volunteer program, Hands Across the District, which brings persons of all ages into our schools. The program is in place in grades K-12. From the parent of a pre-schooler, who assists a teacher with work done at her home to a senior citizen one on one, the Indian Valley community has a wealth of talent to offer our students.

The ultimate purpose of the Hands program is to enhance instruction and the school climate. A great deal of care is taken to match the volunteer with the job to which he or she is best suited. Volunteers at elementary schools can help in a variety of capacities: classroom, library, office, tutoring, computer assistance, publishing center, classroom speakers, art and music, and special events volunteers to name a few.

The advantage of the Hands program is that this is an all-encompassing volunteer program for all staff: teaching, secretarial, custodial, and nursing. All volunteers fill out an application form and volunteer talent is appropriately matched with volunteer requests, which come from the staff. The program, through the application process, allows the coordinators to make lists of people/skills available. These talents may prompt a teacher/staff member to think of new ways to use volunteers.

The coordinator also provides orientation for the volunteers and organizes the tuberculin test required for every volunteer.

Since Hands is a district-wide program, a volunteer network can be established as school coordinators share ideas on ways to use volunteers and to run the volunteer program. Questions at the building level should be directed to your Hands coordinator.