Family Trip Policy

The school district has a policy concerning school absence for family trips. The policy was designed to avoid a child having an unlawful or unexcused absence from school. A “Take Your Child to Work Day” absence is also covered under the family trip policy.

Procedure to Follow for Each Child Enrolled in the School District:

  1. Send a note to the principal. If you do not send a note in advance, the absence will be classified as “unexcused/unlawful.”
  2. Include in the note the reason for the trip and the dates the student will be absent.
  3. The principal will decide on the request. Consultation with the Director of Pupil Services may be requested by the principal.
  4. The principal will send a return letter to the parent. Also, a note will be sent to the child’s teacher informing him/her of the trip.
  5. School work will not be sent along with your child. He/she will be given every opportunity to make up all work upon returning to school.

By following the outlined procedures, the majority of trip requests can be granted without the penalty of an unexcused or unlawful absence. Also, by keeping to the policy, parents are not put into the uncomfortable situation of putting a false reason on an excuse blank. The purpose of this policy is to approve a child’s absence from school, not to make a determination about the value of a planned family trip.