Child Care Transportation

All bus routing is created for your home address unless the bus company is told otherwise. If a child needs busing to and/or from any location different than his/her home address on a daily basis, the parent/guardian must fill out a Bus Stop Change Request Form. This form must be completed EACH YEAR. Forms are available at the Souderton Area School District Administrative Office at 760 Lower Road, Souderton, Transportation Services, any district elementary school, on the district Web site, and in this handbook. When completed, the form must be turned in to the school office for forwarding to Transportation Services, Inc., the district bus contractor.     

Written request procedures:

  1. Parents must complete a Bus Stop Request Form, available from their child’s school, the    district office, and included in this handbook.
  2. Request will be reviewed by elementary school personnel and forwarded to transportation director for a final decision.
  3. Bus contractor and building principal will be notified of the transportation arrangements.
  4. Parents will be notified of approval or disapproval.

NOTE: August 1 is the final date for the Bus Stop Change Form to be received to ensure that a request is processed for the start of the school year. This applies for stop changes for childcare and custody arrangements.